A trademark is a a word, 3D mark, melody or other sign used to distinguish the goods or services of one undertaking from those of another.

At LASVET we carry out trademark searches in order to assess the registrability of the trademark (including possible earlier conflicting rights). This enables to ensure that non-registrable marks are not applied-for and that unjustifiable expenses are avoided at an early stage. Searches also enable one to keep an eye on their competitors activity. We plan and set into place a specific trademark strategy, a systematical roadmap towards the protection of your distinctive signs or those of your company. This also includes putting together the necessary budget for each step along the way. We offer customised services for drafting and filing and trademark applications before the Estonian Patent Office and, in case of Community trademarks, OHIM.

We offer professional representation of our clients in trademark disputes before local- and EU instutitions as well as courts. Thanks to our foreign partners we are able to safeguard the rights of our clients in basically any country of interest.


Contact: Villu Pavelts, Patent and Trademark Attorney, partner