We are delighted to announce the merger of LASVET Patendibüroo OÜ (Lasvet Patent and Trademark Agency) into AAA Patendibüroo OÜ (AAA Legal Services) in Estonia. The merger has become definite as from December 6, 2019 and as of that date the companies operate though single legal entity being AAA Patendibüroo OÜ. All Lasvet attorneys and employees will continue their practise and the current contact details will remain functional, while gradually a new parallel e-mail addresses will be implemented.

Please refer for the updated contact details to the website of the AAA Patendibüroo OÜ:  www.aaa.ee


LASVET Patendibüroo OÜ on ühinenud äriühinguga AAA Patendibüroo OÜ. Ühinemine on jõustunud 06. detsembril 2019 ning alates sellest kuupäevast tegutsevad ettevõtted ühe äriühingu, st AAA Patendibüroo OÜ kaudu. Kõik senised LASVET Patendibüroo OÜ ja patendivolinike kontaktid on toimivad ning avaldame peatselt uuendatud kontaktandmed.

Meie uuendatud kontaktandmed on leitavad AAA Patendibüroo OÜ kodulehelt: www.aaa.ee